Commercial Property Organisations, Associations and Governing Industry

Commercial Property Organisations, Associations and Governing Industry Bodies in the UK

A number of organisations and associations represent professionals and businesses in the UK's commercial property sector. Not only do these groups provide standards for the sector, they also serve as governing bodies for commercial property professionals by providing accreditation and training. The following is a list of major commercial property associations and industry bodies that play a role in representing the interests of professionals in the sector, as well as promote high standards of quality and service.

British Property Federation (BPF)

The BPF works to improve legislative, fiscal and regulatory conditions that affect the industry, as well as raise the profile of the real estate industry. It has approximately 400 members involved in real estate ownership and investment. The Federation's membership includes real estate companies, investment banks, institutional investors and fund managers, professional firms, housing associations, and other organisations in the real estate industry. Additional information about the BPF and on how to join is available at

BPF Contact Details
St Albans House
5th Floor
57-59 Haymarket
London, SW1Y 4QX
Tel: 020 7828 01111

Construction Industry Council (CIC)

The CIC represents professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the construction industry, giving professionals in the industry a voice. Founded in 1988, the Council provides leadership and promotes quality in various aspects of construction. The CIC's membership includes approximately 500,000 individual professionals and over 25,000 construction consultant firms. With three categories of membership, each category has its own set of entry requirements and offers opportunities to learn and connect. Information about membership and how to join the CIC can be found online at

CIC Contact Details
26 Store Street
London, WC1E 7BT
Tel: 020 7399 7400
Fax: 020 7399 7425

Institution of Commercial and Business Agents (ICBA)

A member of the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP), the ICBA supports the professional needs of commercial and business agents. The professional body aims to promote and ensure professionalism in the industry, as well as best practice. To become a member, individuals must be a qualified professional and follow agree to follow the ICBA's Rules of Conduct and Rules of Practice. From its base in Warwick and its offices in London and Edinburgh, the ICBA provides guidance to property professionals and campaigns in favour of a user-friendly and efficient real estate market. For more information about the organisation and membership, visit

ICBA Contact Details
Arbon House
6 Tournament Court
Edgehill Drive
Warwick, CV34 6LG
Tel: 0845 250 6001
Fax: 0845 250 6061

Investment Property Forum (IPF)

The IPF represents more than 2,000 individuals working in the property investment market. The organisation's members include investment agents, fund managers, bankers, lawyers, academics and researchers, actuaries, and other professionals. The IPF's mission is to increase the understanding and efficiency of property as an investment. This is achieved through research and other projects, education, and providing a forum for discussion and debate. Membership is open to individuals with relevant professional and/or academic qualifications or equivalent. For more information about the IPF, visit

IPF Contact Details
New Broad Street House
35 New Broad Street
London, EC2M 1NH
Tel: 020 7194 7920
Fax: 020 7194 7921

National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA)

Founded in 1962, the NAEA is the UK's leading professional body for estate agents. Members work in commercial and residential sales and letting, as well as property management, business transfer and auctioneering. The association works towards promoting good practice and professional standards in estate agency, as well as providing assistance and guidance to members. The NAEA is a member of the National Federation of Property Professionals, which promotes professionalism in the property industry through training and outreach. For more information about the NAEA, visit

NAEA Contact Details
Arbon House
6 Tournament Court
Edgehill Drive
Warwick, CV34 6LG
Tel: 0845 250 6001
Fax: 0845 250 6061

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

Established by Royal Charter, the RICS is a professional body that works to set and uphold high standards of excellence and integrity. It promotes and enforces professional qualifications and standards for the land development and management, real estate, construction and infrastructure sectors. The RICS accredits approximately 118,000 professionals around the world. It works to establish international standards to ensure members offer the best possible advice. The RICS also provides guidance and advice to governments and policy makers. For more information, visit

RICS Contact Details
12 Great George Street (Parliament Square)
London SW1P 3AD
United Kingdom
Tel: 024 7686 8555
Fax: 020 7334 3811

Prime Office Space (POS)

Prime Office Space provides one of the largest free commercial property and office brokerage services across the UK to an extensive range of organizations, businesses and charities. The Prime Office Space database includes serviced, traditional, temporary, managed and flexible business centre accommodation, office space, warehouses, workspace units and office complexes. For further information visit Prime Office Space

Prime Office Space Contact Details
5 St John's Lane
London, EC1M 4BH
Tel: 0800 144 888